Appointments – General Information


Sadly, this service has now closed at both Bedford and Lister Hospitals.

If you would like acupuncture treatment please call 07887 565174 (Kate Henley) for treatments in the Hertfordshire area, or 07787 917306 (Ann Brownbill) for treatments in the Bedfordshire area.


How to book

Once you have looked at the information on this site and feel you would benefit from acupuncture please contact us by telephone to make your initial appointment. 

Please note: At present, we are not using our on-line booking facility so please either telephone us for an appointment, or make it at the end of your treatment session whilst you are with us.

We do like to have a short chat with you before you come for treatment to ensure that receiving acupuncture is appropriate for your condition.

We respectfully ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice where possible if you cannot attend an appointment, so that we may offer the slot to someone else. A charge may be made for unattended appointments or those cancelled with very short notice. Exceptions are made for those ladies who have booked an induction appointment and subsequently gone into labour.

Please bring your maternity notes with you to each appointment. We need to know your Hospital Number and we also need to make a record of our treatment.

Clinic information for Lister Hospital

We offer acupuncture treatment either within a private, single-bedded room affording a higher degree of privacy, or treatment within a multi-bedded bay, where beds are screened by curtains.

We are available for treatments on Mondays between 5pm through to 8pm.

On a Bank Holiday Monday, we will endeavour to run the clinic either on the Tuesday or the preceding Friday.

If when you arrive for your appointment you do not see one of us straight away, it is likely that we are treating another patient. Please take a seat in the waiting area adjacent to the reception desk.

Payment for treatment

Multi-bed (40 minutes):

Concessionary fee: for those who are unemployed/on benefits/income support: £18
Standard fee: for those in the basic rate*income bracket (<£32,000): £38
Higher fee: for those in the higher rate*income bracket (>£32,000): £48

*Income bands as per HMR&C guidelines

Private room (approx. 40-50 minutes):

For private room sessions: £60

Please note that the treatment for breech or posterior positioned babies involves the burning of moxibustion sticks and thereby must be conducted in the private room. This charge includes the cost of the moxa sticks to continue treatment at home.


Clinic information for Bedford Hospital

Rooms within the Bedford Hospital clinic are separate but will still be run on the multi-bed principle.

We are available for treatments on Tuesdays between 5.30pm through to 8.30pm.

Please take a seat in the waiting area until you are called through into the treatment area by your acupuncturist.

Payment for treatment

Concessionary fee: for those who are unemployed/on benefits/income support: £18
Standard fee: for those in the basic rate*income bracket (<£32,000): £38
Higher fee: for those in the higher rate*income bracket (>£32,000): £48

*Income bands as per HMR&C guidelines

Moxibustion treatment for breech or posterior positioned babies: £60 This charge includes the cost of the moxa sticks to continue treatment at home.

Acupressure coaching (available at both Lister and Bedford hospitals)

We run sessions at 8pm on Monday (Lister) and Tuesday (Bedford) for those couples who would like to learn acupressure points for encouraging and supporting labour. The session runs for half an hour and costs £20 per couple. In order to book for this session, please either ring us, or book in advance when you come in for your pre-birth treatments.


At both hospitals payment is by either cash or cheque and will be taken at the end of your treatment.

Please note: we can not accept card payments at present.


What to expect

What is acupuncture and what does it feel like?

Acupuncture has been practiced in China for over 2000 years. It is rooted in the concept of Qi (pronounced chee), vital energy present both within our bodies and our environment. When we are healthy Qi flows freely through our body; if it becomes disrupted within the body for whatever reason, our overall well-being may be affected. Through examination of a patient's health history, tongue and pulse, a diagnosis is made by the acupuncturist to discover where this disruption lies, enabling identification of the best course of treatment tailored specifically for you.

Very fine (little more than the width of a hair) single-use pre-sterilised needles are used to stimulate specific acupuncture points on your body. These needles generally induce any one of a variety of sensations once in place - tingling, warmth, numbness or heaviness.

Your session will start by the acupuncturist asking questions relating to your condition. Your pulse will be felt and your tongue examined. Depending upon the area of the body to be treated, you will either be asked to lie on a bed, or you will be seated in a chair.

Generally acupuncture needles are left in place for approximately 20 minutes whilst you rest. The majority of people find acupuncture relaxing and calming. Some people may feel a little tired or sleepy, so please be careful if you are planning to drive straight after your treatment.

The effectiveness of your last acupuncture treatment is measured each time you come in. Either your acupuncturist or one of our volunteers will help you complete a simple feedback form.

Feedback is vital for us. It helps us to constantly evaluate and improve our service and provides us with anonymous statistical information used for research purposes, thus justifying our position as an alternative health provider within an NHS setting. You will be asked during your first session whether you are happy for us to follow up your care once you have stopped coming to see us.

A few tips to help you benefit fully from your treatment

It is helpful if you wear loose clothing i.e. trousers which will easily roll up to the knee, or separates rather than a dress.

Do not come for acupuncture treatment on an empty stomach – make sure you have had a light meal or snack if possible beforehand.

Although it is unlikely you will be drinking alcohol during pregnancy, we would still like to point out that alcohol should be avoided on the day of treatment.

You should also refrain from strenuous activity on the day of treatment.

Please avoid foods or drinks that may discolour the tongue or the use of heavily scented deodorants, perfumes and heavy cosmetics prior to a treatment.


Travelling to Lister Hospital

Car parking is in the multi-storey car park. Payment is on exit using the chip coin token you will have received on entry to the car park. Pay machines are located at the ground level of the car park, and will give change. Alternatively, these machines will take payment by debit or credit card.

If you are travelling by bus, there are several buses which stop at the Lister. See the Traveline south east website for details.

Directions within Lister Hospital

The clinic is situated within the Diamond Jubilee Maternity Unit of Lister Hospital. We are on the first floor in the Day Assessment Unit; follow signs for Maternity Acupuncture Support.


Travelling to Bedford Hospital

Our clinic is within the Antenatal Outpatients department, Cygnet Wing which is on Bedford Hospital’s South Wing site, Kempston Road. The closest carpark to Cygnet Wing is the Kempston Road car park; other car parks are on Ampthill Road and Britannia Road.

For more travel or parking information please click on the link below:


Directions within Bedford Hospital

Follow signs for the Antenatal Outpatients Department, on the first floor of Cygnet Wing. You will also see our Maternity Acupuncture Support signs.



You can only use the online booking system after your first appointment. Please call first to discuss your condition then you will be registered to use the booking system.

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